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Communicate your research

Communicate your research to wider society

Many different activities in research communication are conducted all over the University, and you will find more information at the LU communicate reseach page

Writing opinion pieces

Researchers have a lot of knowledge and many ideas and suggestions which deserve to be put forward in public debate. Opinion pieces are a good channel for those who wish to influence, be active and take initiative.Read more about how to write opinion pieces

Popular science writing

Researchers have a responsibility to share their knowledge with wider society –not only the public, but also the politicians and the business community are interested in what researchers come up with.Read more about how to write popular science texts


Do you want to bring your expert insight to a global audience?

Since 2017, Lund University is a member of TheConversationUK, a news site where researchers write about current events.

This is a chance to add impact to your own research -but also to contribute to the thorny issues and big questions of our time. TheConversationis a non-profit collaboration between 90 universities in the UK, aiming to add a valuable research perspective to our understanding of news and current affairs. The articles are free for international media to republish under a Creative Commons license.

For more information about writing for The Conversation, please contact Lotte Billing at Corporate Communications:

Please contact the faculty communications officer for information about LUSEM-specific activities.

Peter Kjällkvist
Communications officer
Phone: +46 70 847 12 72