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Lund University School of Economics and Management

Department of Business Administration

information and materials for department staff

In LU Box, there is a collection of documents and other material relevant for staff. Read more below.

Decision documents

All staff have access to decision documents (agendas, minutes, etc.) from the department's three decision-making bodies: 

  • The Department Board (IS, Institutionsstyrelsen) has an overall responsibility for the department's education and research, including the quality, improvement and development of the activities included.
    Read more about IS
  • The Research and PhD Education Committee (FFUN, Forsknings- och forskarutbildningsnämnden) is a preparatory body focused on issues related to the department's research and research education.
    Read more about FFUN
  • The Council for education at undergraduate and graduate level (NUGA, Nämnden för utbildning på grund- och avancerad nivå) is focused on the development and quality assurance of the department's selection of courses.
    Read more about NUGA

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Information regarding our daily activities

You can find material from our most recent department meeting, as well as information about promotion to Associate Professor (docent).

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For administration and managment

Those in an administrative and/or managerial position can access a collection of checklists and routines for i.e. HR processes such as recruitment and introduction.

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